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Crisis Communications Consultants
Advice for a Crisis Communication Plan

richard feldman and president george w. bush

Richard Feldman, President George W. Bush

MLS Communication crisis communications consultants are specialists in public affairs management, interactive media, communication consulting services and specialized keynote motivational presentations. Since 1982 Founder Richard Feldman has been training political candidates, foreign diplomats, businessmen and association executives to optimize every media opportunity. A successful communications strategy requires an understanding of the newest technology, and MLS Communication consultants couples this understanding with their expertise to serve you in crisis communications.

Ever considered how a major accident, or an embarrassing lawsuit might adversely affect your business, industry or campaign? Consider this: News travels faster today than ever before. We have moved from newspaper daily news, to television, to email, to internet, to blogging to instant messaging. You can allow these changes to determine your fate or utilize the new media to benefit your cause and turn it to your advantage.

  • Public Relations - the New Paradigm: The internet RULES!
  • In a crisis situation, you are not just being watched in the newspapers, on radio and television, you are also being watched on the internet. You need to control your response.
  • It's all about SEARCH!
  • Responding to a crisis on the internet is similar to marketing product - you want to be everywhere your "customer" might search for information about you.
  • Our partner company (@websitepublicity) have prepared this short video explanation for your use.

Media Relations Crisis Management THE RIGHT WAY - Proactive & Prepared

  • The media knows who you are and how to find you when they're on deadline.
  • You have designated one spokesman (preferably not the CEO or the candidate) to respond to the emergency.
  • A crisis hits and your message is immediately available online for both reporters and the public in your target market via a broad based internet friendly fully optimized campaign!

Media Relations Crisis Management - Worst Case to Best Case

  • Stay calm, panic makes a bad situation far worse.
  • Call MLS Communication 24/7 & get immediate seasoned professional guidance.
  • We can be on location anywhere in the USA in under 24 hours to resolve the situation and begin turning your potential disaster into a unique opportunity to look good - under pressure.
  • Together we will devise a way out that places you in the best light possible and we can handle the media communications for you if necessary.
  • Any crisis is an opportunity, (if handled correctly).

While politicians are always managing their message, most companies and executives fall somewhere in between the best and worst case scenarios.

As your business grows, media relations become more and more important in accomplishing your objectives and achieving and maintaining your competitive position.

How can you be ahead of the curve to keep your company and career on track?

MLS Communication helps candidates, political action committees, (PAC's) politicians, corporations & trade associations develop media relationships before a situation arises. We prepare a crisis communication plan, including state of the art web optimization services and a pay per click campaign ready to launch when it needs to be launched, no more playing catch up.


  • Have MLS Communication speak at your next meeting to explain the program
  • OR: Have MLS Communication prepare a proposal to assist your company
  • OR: Trust in the power of "the force" - good luck!

In an emergency? Need help NOW? Contact us:

email - (800) 844-7043

president bill clinton, richard feldman and janet
						   													   reno in the rose garden at the white house president ronald reagan, richard feldman

President Bill Clinton, Richard Feldman,
Janet Reno in the White House Rose Garden

President Ronald Reagan, Richard Feldman,
on the ranch

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