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Media Relations
and Communication Strategies

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MLS Communications takes media relations and communication strategies seriously and will assist you in being prepared for managing a media crisis, during litigation, a political campaign, or a corporate embarrassment or other media and public relations predicament issues. There are plenty of large agencies that can promise you the world, but at MLS we work with one client at a time -- you get our full attention until your immediate crisis has passed.

The key to a successful media strategy is to be prepared before a crisis hits, or at least know who to call when it does!

Preparing for a Public Relations Media Crisis

  • Develop relationships with reporters in all the major markets, or work with a company such as MLS Communication that already has those relationships or can establish them with you.
  • Develop the story that presents your company, industry, issue, or candidate in a compelling light.
  • Get the message to the media in a manner that puts you in charge of the solution.
  • Get the message online everywhere and anywhere someone would be searching for information that affects your company, business or industry.
  • Be highly visible online by buying cost effective, target market online ads so that every search leads to you!

MLS Communication and @WebSitePublicity Online Success Strategy

MLS Communication and @WebSitePublicity bring a combination of media relations and public relations experience together in a new venture to support your crisis communications strategies.

MLS Communication helps to build relationships before the crisis exists by providing "online" crisis communication and web optimization services to political, legislative & trade association communities.

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